Free shipping on all orders over 75€
Free shipping on all orders over 75€

We take responsibility


At NÆ | LU, every facet of our operations is underscored by a fervent commitment to safeguarding you and the environment. We harbor a deep-seated passion for incorporating safe and sustainable ingredients across our entire product range, a commitment that has led us to proudly offer vegan, cruelty-free, and reef-friendly options.

Our conviction is that you merit nothing less than the most effective sun protection. To that end, we amalgamate natural-based and clean ingredients with modern filters in our products, all of which undergo extensive safety testing. We’ve taken an innovative step further by incorporating a natural biodegradable UV-booster into our products. This allows us to reduce the quantity of filtering chemicals used while maintaining a high SPF of 50.

Our dedication to your well-being extends beyond mere sun protection. We’ve developed our Revive product with an equal degree of rigour and high standards. Revive is designed to nourish and hydrate your skin after exposure to harsh environmental elements. We want to instill confidence in you when choosing our products, which is why we remain steadfastly committed to transparency and delivering products devoid of nonsense.


Adding to our prior elaboration, we at NÆ | LU, believe in the continuous improvement of our products and operations, driven by a commitment to transparency. We learn every day! We’ve had our share of mistakes, and we’ll likely have more in the future. However, our motivation and our vision is our relentless quest for a useful product, one designed with conscientiousness to offer you the utmost enjoyment and protection while significantly diminishing its environmental impact.


Engaging in the cosmetics industry, we recognize our dual role as part of the problem and part of the solution. Striving for a balance between efficiency, naturalness, ecological responsibility, and solidarity, we aim to bring you products that combine performance with sensory pleasure. We strive to keep away from wrong marketing promises and, instead, to educate and make cosmetic use enjoyable, effective, and desirable for all family members.


We operate in Germany and Switzerland, home to the most stringent legislation globally when it comes to cosmetic products. Nevertheless, distinguishing genuine products from fraudulent ones can be a complex task. To this end, we’ve adopted a contemporary approach. We have an undeniable preference for ingredients of natural origin or organic active ingredients. However, we don’t discount synthetic alternatives that offer substantial advantages while remaining steadfast to our principles. For instance, we acknowledge the role of certain “clean” chemical filters, providing a diverse spectrum of protection or sensory experience better suited to the product’s function.

Protect your body and as well as your playground

In essence, at NÆ | LU, our mission is to protect your body as well as its playground: nature. We pour our heart and soul into every product we create and stand beside you in pursuing your passions, even in challenging environments. When you buy from us, rest assured that you’re getting effective, safe, and sustainable products supported by an unwavering dedication to quality. We’re always here for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always open to chat.