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Rising High: An Exclusive Interview with Nora, The Big Air Kitesurfing Sensation

Into the Skies with Nora: A Journey from Fear to Mastery

In the world of big air kitesurfing, few names have risen as meteorically as Nora Klement, the 23-year-old sensation from Lüneburg, Germany. With a vibrant shock of red hair and a spirit to match, Nora has turned her early trepidation about kitesurfing into a burning passion that has led her to the world stage. In a few short years, she’s become the definitive address for big air prowess in Germany, and her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and following one’s heart. We sat down with Nora for an exclusive chat about her journey, her challenges, and the skies she’s yet to conquer. Join us as we dive deep with this extraordinary talent.

Naelucare: Hello Nora! It’s an honor to have you with us. Let’s start at the beginning. You’re a star now, but you began your kite journey in 2014. Can you tell us about your first experience?

Nora: Hi, and thanks for having me! Well, when I first tried kiting, I was honestly quite scared. It seemed daunting, but after my internship at a kite school, something clicked, and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.

Naelucare: That’s quite a transformation! We’ve heard about your dedication. You work almost 10 months a year, from station manager to kite school teacher roles. How do you manage the grueling schedule and your passion?

Nora: It’s been challenging, I won’t deny. But my love for kitesurfing keeps me going. Working in various roles related to kitesurfing helps me stay connected to my passion. Plus, I’ve had to work hard to fund my dream. Every moment on the board in the air makes the sacrifices worth it.

Naelucare: Speaking of sacrifices, we’ve learned about the strong support system you have in your friends. How have they influenced your journey?

Nora: Immensely! They’ve always believed in me, even when I had my doubts. They’ve supported me in any way they could, and their faith in my talent has been a driving force. And of course, the added protection from your sunscreen has been a blessing, especially for a redhead like me!

Naelucare: We’re always here to support. Your travels have taken you to many international kite hotspots. Do you have a favorite?

Nora: Each place has its charm, but Cape Town holds a special place in my heart. My first trip there in 2019 was a game-changer. I participated in the “A Queen Is Born” competition, which kind of set things in motion towards a professional career.

Naelucare: Speaking of which, congratulations on your 2nd place at the Big Air Kite League in Cape Town and your recent stint at the GKA Big Air Kitesurfing World Tour. How did these experiences shape you?

Nora: Thank you! The 2nd place win was a dream come true, and participating in the GKA Big Air Kitesurfing World Tour was surreal. Both experiences gave me confidence and solidified my belief that I belong at the top level of this sport.

Naelucare: If you could give advice to someone starting in kitesurfing or any other passion, what would it be?

Nora: I’d say, follow your heart sooner rather than later. I wish I had pursued a professional kite career earlier and adopted a more confident mindset. So, believe in yourself, be brave, and chase your dreams.

Naelucare: Such inspiring words! Nora, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. We’ll be cheering you on as you continue to soar high. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Nora: Thanks so much! Here’s to riding the winds and catching the next big wave.