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Conversations with Yoga Teacher and Psychologist, Franziska Herrmann

Meet Franziska Herrmann, a remarkable blend of a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, and psychologist. Franziska’s journey into the world of yoga began during her studies in India, and she has since broadened her knowledge to encompass fitness and nutrition. Currently residing on the serene island of Sylt, Franziska leads invigorating outdoor yoga classes, offering a unique and enriching experience for her students. Committed to fostering physical strength and mental balance, she embodies a holistic approach to personal growth. Dive into a transformative journey with Franziska

NÆ|LU: Welcome, Franziska Herrmann (36), independent trainer, yoga teacher, and psychologist. You seem to have an impressive and diverse background, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your journey into yoga?

Franziska: Thank you for having me! Indeed, my journey started back in 2008, when I studied abroad in India. It was there that I had the chance to explore various types of yoga and immerse myself in different cultures. After months of travel, I found myself in the birthplace of yoga.

NÆ|LU: That sounds amazing. What drew you to yoga specifically?

Franziska: I was particularly drawn to the asana practice, the physical aspect of yoga. I initially gravitated towards more dynamic types of yoga, but eventually, I found a love for the quieter, slower forms as well. Yoga is so fascinating to me because it’s about the philosophy as much as the physical practice. Even if you don’t believe in its philosophy, it still has an impact. Yoga encourages movement, but doesn’t force it. It always presents a path, but you don’t have to take it. It’s accessible to everyone, regardless of body type or location. I love that it doesn’t exclude anyone.

NÆ|LU: I understand you’re also a trained fitness trainer and nutritionist. How does that integrate with your yoga practice?

Franziska: It allows me to approach wellbeing and health holistically. Knowing various aspects of fitness and nutrition helps me better serve my students. My yoga journey naturally led me to complete my teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

NÆ|LU: How do you feel about chanting, which is often associated with yoga?

Franziska: It felt strange at the beginning, but now it feels natural and comforting. Chanting, like the rest of yoga, is a personal choice. It enhances the spiritual side of the practice, but it’s not a requirement.

NÆ|LU: It seems like you have a lot going on. How do you manage your professional life?

Franziska: I’ve been living on the island of Sylt for the past year, where I work as both a psychologist and a trainer. I enjoy having a physical job, it’s quite a balance. You can often find me in Hörnum, where I offer yoga classes. Teaching yoga on the beach without a mat, smelling the salt in the air, feeling the sand… it’s like confetti in your face (laughes).

NÆ|LU: You also offer SUP yoga on the North Sea. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Franziska: SUP yoga, or stand-up paddleboard yoga, is a great way to challenge your balance and stability. Being on the water offers a new perspective, and the gentle water under the board can be calming. If your mind wanders, you might fall off! It’s a great practice to learn to focus and accept things as they are.

NÆ|LU: As a breast cancer survivor, how has this experience influenced your perspective on health and your daily practices?

Franziska: As a cancer survivor, I have to be extra cautious. The risk of developing other types of cancer is increased, so I feel safest when I’m active and taking care of my health. This also includes a strong focus on skin protection, especially given how much I love being outdoors. I was thrilled to discover NÆ|LU, which provides the perfect sunscreen for my lifestyle. Teaching yoga and staying active outdoors brings me joy. It feels like a gift to share this with others. Yoga has been a calming force in my life, it’s a home within me, and I find it a blessing to share this joy with others.

NÆ|LU: Lastly, if you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Franziska: I would tell my younger self to be patient and kind to herself. We often forget to show compassion towards ourselves, but it’s such an essential part of our overall well-being.

NÆ|LU: Such profound advice, Franziska. Your journey and insights are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us today. For anyone inspired by Franziska’s journey and wishing to embark on a transformative yoga journey with her, you can book a lesson through her website and get in touch directly. Visit to learn more.